Double degree programs are joint educational programs developed by two partner universities, which allow students who have successfully mastered it to receive two diplomas, from IUT and a foreign partner university.

Today, IUT implements double degree programs at the undergraduate level with the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK).


IUT students from the third year can participate in the programs:


IUT training program

Double Degree Program


Application deadline

Heat power engineering and thermal technology

Building services engineering


15 Sep – 1 Nov

Construction engineering (Heat and gas supply and ventilation)

Building services engineering


15 Sep – 1 Nov

Technosphere safety

Environmental engineering


1 Apr – 15 May

Transport Process Technology (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)

Logistics eng.


1 Apr – 15 May


The double degree program is:

  • Language and communication practice;

  • A concurrent training in two related areas;

  • The possibility of getting a job abroad;

  • Developing business contacts in the country of study;

  • Two diplomas based on the results of training.


Requirements for participation in the program:

  • High academic performance

  • English language at B2 level and above


You must pay a fee to participate. There is a possibility to get a scholarship from a Finnish university.