On arrival to Tyumen all international students must have a medical insurance certificate. It can be bought at any insurance company in Tyumen as well as at the IUT specialist Chikishev Evgeniy,

The cost of the insurance certificate depends on the list of medical services included in it.

A standard insurance certificate covers such situations as the following:

  • injuries

  • poisoning

  • burns

  • acute diseases

  • acute attacks of chronic diseases

The extended insurance certificate includes the appointment of profile doctors within the sum of the certificate and medical survey, which is necessary to accommodate at the hostel and to be able to attend the classes of Physical training.

Required documents:

  • passport (with the translation if it is necessary)

  • valid visa

  • migration registration


If you have a medical insurance certificate, you may also get medical help and apply for the medical survey to the IUT medical center 38, Volodarskogo Street.